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  1. Nocturna Pillowtop
    Queen Gel-Infused Pillowtop Mattress $399.99
  2. Crazy Quilt
    Full Crazy Quilt set $199.99
  3. Tempur-Cloud Elite
    Queen Tempur-Cloud Elite Mattress $3,299
  4. Bennett Pillowtop
    Full Bennett Pillowtop Mattress $279.99
  5. Cresswell Firm
    Full Firm Mattress $239.99
  6. Bennett Pillowtop
    Twin Bennett Pillowtop Mattress $219.99
  7. Tempur-Flex Supreme Breeze
    Queen Tempur-Flex Supreme Breeze Mattress $3,799
  8. Tempur-Cloud Supreme Breeze
    Queen Tempur-Cloud Supreme Breeze Mattress $3,599
  9. Tempur-Cloud Supreme
    Queen Tempur-Cloud Supreme Mattress $2,599
  10. Tempur-Cloud Prima
    Queen Tempur-Cloud Prima Mattress $1,799
  11. Cresswell
    Queen Firm Mattress $269.99
  12. Balfour Pillowtop
    Queen Balfour Pillowtop Mattress $299.99
  13. Crazy Quilt
    Twin Crazy Quilt Mattress $99.99
  14. Gabriel Pillowtop
    Queen Beautyrest Platinum Pillowtop Mattress $1,299
  15. Sleep Inc. Plush
    Queen Pocketed Coil Plush Mattress $399.99
  16. Horizon Heights
    Queen Beautyrest Silver Hybrid Ultimate Plush Mattress $1,499
  17. Take It Easy
    Queen Beautyrest Silver Summit Pillowtop Mattress $819
  18. Take It Easy
    Queen Beautyrest Silver Extra Firm Mattress $749
  19. Afternoon Sun Pillowtop
    Queen Beautyrest Silver Pillowtop Mattress $699
  20. Afternoon Sun
    Queen Beautyrest Silver Luxury Firm Mattress $649
  21. Carrington Chase Clairebrook Plush
    Queen Sealy Plush Mattress $399
  22. Carrington Chase Albinson
    Carrington Chase Foam mattress. Twin mattress $99
  23. Carrington Chase Clairebrook Cushion Firm
    Queen Sealy Cushion Firm Mattress $399
  24. Carrington Chase Stoneleigh Plush
    Queen Sealy 14.5" Plush Mattress $599
  25. Saybrook Plush
    Full Pocketed Coil Mattress $379.99
  26. Carrington Chase Belgrave Plush
    Queen Sealy Mattress $349
  27. Sleep Inc. Pillowtop
    Queen Pocketed Coil Pillowtop Mattress $449.99
  28. Carrington Chase Prestwick Pillowtop
    Queen Sealy Pillowtop Mattress $499
  29. Tempur-Ergo Plus
    Queen Tempur-Ergo Plus Foundation $1,299
  30. Tempur-Ergo Premier
    Queen Tempur-Ergo Premier Foundation $1,999
  31. Tempur-Contour Elite Breeze
    Queen Tempur-Contour Elite Breeze Mattress $4,299
  32. Sealy Posturepedic Optimum Elation Gold
    Queen Sealy Optimum Gel Memory Foam Mattress $1,799
  33. Saybrook Plush
    King Pocketed Coil Plush Mattress $549.99
  34. Saybrook Pillowtop
    Full Pocketed Coil Pillowtop Mattress $409.99
  35. Nocturna Pillowtop
    King Gel-Infused Pillowtop Mattress $569.99
  36. Tempur-Flat Foundation
    Queen Tempur-Flat Foundation $200
  37. Tempur-Up Foundation
    Queen Tempur-Up Foundation $799
  38. Saybrook Pillowtop
    King Pocketed Coil Pillowtop mattress $599.99
  39. Sealy Posturepedic Hybrid
    King Posturepedic Hybrid Mattress $1,859
  40. Sealy Posturepedic Copper Hybrid
    Queen Posturepedic Hybrid Mattress $1,449
  41. Cresswell Firm
    Twin Cresswell Firm Mattress $189.99
  42. Afternoon Sun Luxury Firm
    King Beautyrest Silver Luxury Firm Mattress $849
  43. Bennett Pillowtop
    Queen Bennett Pillowtop Mattress $299.99
  44. Crazy Quilt
    Queen Crazy Quilt set $239.99
  45. Crazy Quilt
    Twin Crazy Quilt set $149.99
  46. Afternoon Sun Pillowtop
    King Beautyrest Silver Pillowtop mattress $899
  47. Cool Reflections
    12" Gel Memory Foam Mattress $499
  48. Clairebrook Cushion Firm
    King Sealy Cushion Firm Mattress $599
  49. Take It Easy Extra Firm
    King Beautyrest Silver Extra Firm Mattress $999
  50. Prestwick Pillowtop
    King Sealy Pillowtop Mattress $699
  51. Clairebrook Plush
    King Sealy Plush Mattress $599
  52. Take It Easy Pillowtop
    King Beautyrest Silver Summit Pillowtop Mattress $1,099
  53. Belgrave Plush
    Full Sealy Plush Mattress $329
  54. Albinson
    Twin Sealy set $199
Here are just a few of the mattresses which we carry at Bedding Express, Temple, TX. If you do not find what you would like, give us a call at 254.774.7744 or send an email to so we can help you locate the product for which you are searching.
Welcome to Bedding Express - Home of the SUPER Deal

It's not just about how tired you are that you couldn't get a comfortable sleep. Perhaps, it's about the mattress that isn't right for you.

Here at Bedding Express, it's time you give yourself a well-deserved good night's sleep. We offer a wide variety of high-quality mattresses, linens, bedding and bedroom furniture to suit your every need. 

We are staffed with courteous personnel who are willing to help you find the right mattress that is perfect for you. We want to know exactly what you are looking for so we can guide you with product features that cater to your specific needs. It is our goal to help you find the right mattress for you more than anything else. 

Our product line features mattresses with adjustable frames and head boards. Also, you can choose from our innovative technology features that include pocket springs, memory foam, lumbar support system, TEMPUR material, Smartclimate system mattresses and more. We do not just offer you a comfortable sleep. We also want you to stay healthy while you take your comfortable sleep.

We are located at 4211 S. General Bruce Drive, Temple, TX and we invite you to head over and try the products for yourself. Take the time to look through our showroom and feel comfortable to touch the materials and meticulously check the details. We also encourage you to lie down and experience the real comfort. First-hand experience is always the best way for you to choose which products are suitably right for you.

Ask for our 10% Military Discount for all our heroes serving the country. This is our way of appreciating your selfless love for your countrymen.

Come and visit our showroom to find the perfect bedding Temple, TX has to offer. Experience ultimate comfort, relaxation and a healthy good night's sleep only here at Bedding Express. You owe it to yourself.